Smohered Burrito

How prepare a delicious Smothered burrito for lunch (Original Recipe)

A smart option for dining with pleasure and nutrition is the wet burrito. It’s basically a traditional burrito smothered or covered by some dressing or sauce.

The typical of the breakfast burrito is in the juicy ingredients that remain, a pleasure that is worth enjoying at any time.

Also known as a wet burrito, the drowned burrito is mainly a roasted corn tortilla, with grilled cheese and refried beans. Bathed in green chili with jack cheese and cheddar. The smothered burrito that we prepare in Taco River is commonly served with cream, lettuce, avocado, and tomato.

The main ingredient of the smothered burrito of Taco River is the green chili.

The green chili is a sauce or typical dish of the state of Colorado, which mixes green chili stew with pork, jalapeño, onion, tomatoes, and condiments.

Taco River is famous for preparing the best green chili in the city, we invite you to try our authentic smothered burrito, good for lunch or dinner

You could to invite your family, friends, and colleagues. Come and try today.

Taco River is a group of Mexican restaurants located in the Denver Metro Area. Taco River makes, distributes and sells authentic fast food retail or wholesale. We Serve in Commerce City, Westminster, and Aurora Colorado.

Taco River also has the facility to order online: tacoriver.com


Commerce City: 6025 Parkway Dr #107, Commerce City, CO 80022. Teléfono: (720) 542-3686

Westminster: 7195 Federal Blvd, Westminster, CO 80030. Teléfono: (303) 953-2010

Aurora: 1685 Peoria St Aurora, CO 80010, Teléfono:(303) 364-9275

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