The Best Burritos in Denver Colorado

The best Colorado Colorado are in one click away, look their comments, ratings, opinions, services and response time.

We have classified the best restaurants starting with the most recommended.

1. Taco River

Taco River is a group of Mexican restaurants where the added value is the time of preparation and homemade taste.
“In seconds we have your order ready to go and maybe the people are right when they said that we have the best green chile in  Denver”. – Rodrigo Santoyo. The general manager
Today until the last week on November, Taco River bring FREE Breakfast burritos, all Wednesday 6 to 10 AM.
You can order online: tacoriver.com
Commerce City: 6025 Parkway Dr #107, Commerce City, CO 80022. Phone: (720) 542-3686
Westminster: 7195 Federal Blvd, Westminster, CO 80030. Phone: (303) 953-2010
Aurora: 1685 Peoria St Aurora, CO 80010, Phone: (303) 364-9275

They offer Free Ready Burritos the Wednesday in October.

Order online https://tacoriver.com/

2. El Taco de Mexico

Recommended the barbacoa burrito smothered in green chile, El Taco de Mexico is a great place with nice menu.

They exist since 1985 and we attach some photos of their menu.

3. Pete’s Kitchen

Recommended for gyro sandwich.

4. Illegal Pete’s

The best for vegetarian burritos, if you want vegan burritos variety you should choose Illegal Pete’s

5. Burrito Giant

Are great and delicious too, the space is not very confortable, good food for the price.

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  1. Muy buen servicio y excelente la comida!!

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